House of Billiam
Bespoke Casualwear, Handmade in England

Our Story

House of Billiam was started by Thomas Bird in 2009 making outerwear to order, collaborating with each customer, using the House of Billiam silhouette and the colour and fabric desires of the customer, to create a unique piece for each. From humble beginnings the brand grew to collaborate with stores such as Liberty, Dover Street Market, Slam City Skates, and Tomorrowland, other brands such as Soulland, Boiler Room, Red Stripe, and Millionhands, and a huge amount of individuals.

2016 brings a new phase for House of Billiam. The idea is still the same, to create silhouettes that are recognisable and wearable every day. House of Billiam want to make the clothes you live in day to day.