House of Billiam
Bespoke Casualwear, Handmade in England

About Us




Our Beginning

House of Billiam Started out in the bedroom of our founder, Thomas Bird. One jacket led to another which led to another and soon enough we had a company. Built around quality fabrics and a homely brand House of Billiam went on to collaborate with some of the best stores in the world. Moving on we've continued to keep a constant stream of great bespoke clients and in 2016 we bring a collection of more accessible, wearable and classic pieces. Designed to be your day to day outerwear. 


“I started making bespoke jackets for so many different people. each product carries a story and thats what this is about.”

— Tom Bird, FOUNDER


Tom had to get an office, some workers, some manufacturers to help him keep up with all the work. It's a true testament to belief in our concept. Not getting dragged in by the pulls of mass retail House of Billiam has carefully selected collaborators, because not just anyone can waltz in and sit with us as a brand.  View Our previous projects →


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep growing our company with our customers in mind. We want to be speaking directly with them, to make products that they will keep coming back to and to have a brand which has direct, authentic and fully controlled production. We aren't in this for profits, we just want to keep making the best outerwear for our wide and fully engaged customer base. 




15 countries






892 iterations of our silhouettes. We've welcomed people from far and wide, from all walks of life and people of all ages. We've made jackets for babies and jackets for pensioners. Jackets for people we've never met and jackets for our closest family. It's a special thing and every single jacket is different. Get your very one bespoke piece here.

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