House of Billiam X DEC Gaza Appeal night for Gaza

Friend of the brand and all round good egg, Ellie, is putting on a fundraiser for the DEC Gaza appeal at Briggs and Williams. As we had some spare time we thought it would be nice to make something to be auctioned off. We decided to create a jacket, reversible and lined with the Gaza flag. Ideal for demonstrations but reversible to grey when taking a bus through Stamford Hill.

You should all come to this event if you are in the Dalston area or in London generally click the link for the event here However, if you happen to be washing your hair that night or want to give money without being entertained or buying some cool stuff you can donate by clicking this link

"Where do I start?"

We know, it is difficult! So we figured we would write a guide to making he right choices.

1. Pick a fabric you like

It is important to get off on the right foot when designing a House of Billiam jacket. If you start just flicking through all the fabrics with a single goal, to find the colour or print that you like the best, you can focus your mind more readily. We have always found that when designing a jacket you need to start with one decision and use that decision as the foundation for all the other decisions you make.

2. Look at the fabric you like and think what else will go with it

Once you have a fabric you like, identify the colours that you think will a) go with that fabric b) go with the colours you already wear and you know suit you.

3. Be bold or don't, there is no wrong answer

We have made a lot of jackets and because of all the jackets we have made, we know that what works and what doesn't. It is really difficult to get it wrong. We have used our knowledge of the jackets and the fabrics that work to create a massive palette that we know works. Sure, we might not wear them, but we find it hard for people to make jackets we are offended by.

4. Ask us, we don't bite

We are so happy to answer any questions. Not only that, because we construct the jackets ourselves, made the patterns ourselves and chose the fabrics we use so we know everything back to front and we can help you make the decision that is right for you!

House of Billiam X Charlotte de Carle X Mickey Mouse

Professional wearer of clothes and fan of our amazing clothes Charlotte approached us about making a jacket that is a bit different. Despite our busy schedule we always like doing something different!

On paper a reversible Mickey Mouse print jacket on one side and alternate navy and white sleeves and cuffs on the other side sounds a bit of a strong look but, as you can see from the images, it came out a lot better than we expected.

If you like Charlotte's fabric (she provided it herself) you can buy it here. We generally need 2 metres to make a jacket. If you have an idea of a jacket you would like but don't know if we can do it, drop us an email, we like a challenge. If you want to stare at images of Charlotte wearing clothes her Instagram is here and you can follow her exploits on twitter here!

Fabrics: Waxed Cotton

We have been using wax cotton on our varsity jackets for a reasonable amount of time. It is a great material to cut, less fun to sew (incredibly greasy hands) but gives a great and, may we say, distinctly British feel to our jackets.

The matt finish of the fabric juxtaposed with the melton wool, in particular, we really like. First made in Scotland, the fabric was used in the shipping industry for years to waterproof sails. It made its way into clothing in the 1850′s and as a truly British fabric, has been used to make clothing ever since.

At House of Billiam, we have both light and heavy waxed cottons but our favourite is probably this colour. The tan looks really nice when worn in and it works with so many colours. And when the wax wears off, you can DIY re-wax it yourself. Check out the man, the moustache, Rick, who can teach you, in perhaps the most boring instructional video we have seen in a while, how to do it 


However, we want to inspire you, not bore you to tears so why not start designing your perfect jacket with wax cotton! We all know that this nice weather won't last long...

Wall of Fame: Roid MSK

This man is so busy that we have arranged and rearranged him coming to the studio to sort out his jacket on and off for over a year. I guess being amazing at what you do does have its downsides. However, it probably gave him time to think about what he wanted and we really love the piece we mad

Rather than embarrass him or perhaps bore you with how great he is at what he does, go look and follow him on Instagram here or follow him on Facebook here.

Roid also brought in his own lining, if this is something you would like to do, contact us here, we are happy to oblige in any way we can. Black wool, reversible to Roid’s own static print, let us know what you think! If you feel inspired to start designing scroll down to the jacket and just click to start designing.

Look out for a Roid exhibition soon…




Not going to lie, this week has more been about football than listening to music but we figured somewhere out there someone doesn’t like football and needs to drown out the sounds of everyone else reading quotes from Pirlo, discussing the flying salmon lob header from Van Persie or general chat about Wayne Rooney and his ability to play or not play the game of football.

Luckily for you, Tom has made a playlist to combat football chat courtesy of mid-school hip hop label, Rawkus Records. Sit back and relax to the sounds of the best thing James Murdoch ever funded!

Jacket of the Week 03

This weeks choice for jacket of the week was pretty difficult. We have done a lot of similar jackets and it was a tough choice to decide which we liked the most. Eventually we picked this one, not because it is particularly bright but more because the subtle detailing of the suede jets rather than wool or leather made us opt for this one ahead of the others.

Unfortunately the owner of this jacket is in Italy and has decidedly longer arms than our hapless and headless model so the sleeves are a bit long…on this model at least. If you like it, scroll down, it is there ready to buy or to redesign to suit you! If you are unsure of your size, send us your chest, waist and height measurements along with your underarm to wrist measurement in the notes box and we will make the necessary adjustments.


Studio Playlist #1

We listen to a lot of music in the studio but Tom, the boss, hates anyone else playing music. For some reason he becomes really tense and twitches, he doesn’t trust anyone else’s taste in music. In order to get around that, we have got him to start creating playlists…He decided to theme them. Here is the first, his favourite Neptune beats.


And while you listen to that, you might as well design a jacket! Hopefully the Neptunes and the idea that Pharrell is going to live forever because he sold his soul to the Devil might inspire your creativity.

Women’s Jackets Now Online

We have been doing jackets for women for a while, it is not a particularly new thing but we have always mainly done jackets for men. Recently however, as well as updating our builder so that you can design your own boyfriend fit women’s jacket we have made a couple of really good looking women’s jackets that we thought you might like to use as inspiration for your own design. Unsure about your size? Drop us an email with any questions you may have or arrange an appointment here. Happy designing!

House of Billiam X Gorgon City

It is always nice to have creative fans in high places. Gorgon City are very nice lads indeed and as well as making music we like, they also wear clothes we like, specifically, clothes we make.

Vevo recently caught up with the boys at The Great Escape and you can see Matt "RackNRuin" Robson Scott rocking a classic navy and black low collar varsity.

If you catch him on a less sombre day, we also made him an awesome reversible varsity covered in floral print! They are playing all over the place this summer and if you prefer to rave by yourself, they are on every Sunday on Rinse FM. Check them out in the mix for>Hunger Magazine here...

Gorgon City Exclusive Hunger Mix by The Hunger on Mixcloud

Use Matt's jacket as inspiration for your design in the configurator below.  

Jacket of the week 02

We kept it simple this week following the excesses of the weekend. Burgundy on burgundy on burgundy in our newly dyed wool which arrived just the other day, next to a picture created by our friend Christian Wood. If you like the jacket and want it right now, hit us up on live chat or scroll down to the designer where you can do whatever you want. If you want to book an appointment at the studio just click here Not much else to say so…Stay classy internet!


Pop Up with Future Factory

Not that we don’t like staying at work but the solitary confinement of sitting in our ivory tower (overly warm hackney studio) does make us a bit stir crazy. That being the case, if anyone offers us the opportunity to get out we tend to do our best to do it. The nice people at Future Factory are doing a pop up with loads of really interesting creatives and they invited us to sell some wares and perhaps even meet people…We have been knocking up jackets all week for the pop up and we think they look rather good. Come see us at 37 Coate Street, E2 9AG

New Camo Fabric

As always, we endeavour to introduce new fabrics to the site as regularly as possible and although we have had this up for a few weeks now it is selling out pretty fast which is bad, because you might miss out on it but good because it means we can show you more examples of what you could do with it!

So whether you want a high collar varsity or a coach jacket, you can design them both with the camo lining here.