House of Billiam
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Fabrics: Waxed Cotton

We have been using wax cotton on our varsity jackets for a reasonable amount of time. It is a great material to cut, less fun to sew (incredibly greasy hands) but gives a great and, may we say, distinctly British feel to our jackets.

The matt finish of the fabric juxtaposed with the melton wool, in particular, we really like. First made in Scotland, the fabric was used in the shipping industry for years to waterproof sails. It made its way into clothing in the 1850′s and as a truly British fabric, has been used to make clothing ever since.

At House of Billiam, we have both light and heavy waxed cottons but our favourite is probably this colour. The tan looks really nice when worn in and it works with so many colours. And when the wax wears off, you can DIY re-wax it yourself. Check out the man, the moustache, Rick, who can teach you, in perhaps the most boring instructional video we have seen in a while, how to do it 


However, we want to inspire you, not bore you to tears so why not start designing your perfect jacket with wax cotton! We all know that this nice weather won't last long...