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Jacket Inspiration: Trouble with the Curve


On evenings when we are not drinking £5 pints and pretending we can afford to, we like to watch a lot of films. Because of this, we decided to use the films we have seen to help inspire your own jacket design.

Helped by a troubling lack of sleep needed to survive, the House of Billiam staff like nothing more than to watch trashy feel good sports films and “Trouble with the Curve” is at the higher end in terms of quality (“Cool Runnings” possibly propping up the bottom end) with a proper actor in the form of Clint Eastwood swaggering around with blurred vision, a voice that sounds like it has been muffled by chewing tobacco, an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball and, a varsity jacket that is beautiful.

We recommend the film. Not on the “Moneyball” level, but not bad. Certainly better than seeing Clint going slightly mental at an empty chair during the Republican Presidential campaign not entirely certain what happened but I think Clint might have just freestyled the whole thing and decided to pretend it is a performance art piece. It is not like you are going to say “oh Clint, sorry Mr Eastwood, can you say something that makes sense. I am not sure our redneck audience understood what was going on. Did you actually prepare anything?” No, no one will say that. Even with this, Clint Eastwood is still a lot cooler than you!
Anyway, more importantly, use the jacket from the film as an inspiration. Who doesn’t want to dress like Clint Eastwood?