House of Billiam
Bespoke Casualwear, Handmade in England


"Where do I start?"

We know, it is difficult! So we figured we would write a guide to making he right choices.

1. Pick a fabric you like

It is important to get off on the right foot when designing a House of Billiam jacket. If you start just flicking through all the fabrics with a single goal, to find the colour or print that you like the best, you can focus your mind more readily. We have always found that when designing a jacket you need to start with one decision and use that decision as the foundation for all the other decisions you make.

2. Look at the fabric you like and think what else will go with it

Once you have a fabric you like, identify the colours that you think will a) go with that fabric b) go with the colours you already wear and you know suit you.

3. Be bold or don't, there is no wrong answer

We have made a lot of jackets and because of all the jackets we have made, we know that what works and what doesn't. It is really difficult to get it wrong. We have used our knowledge of the jackets and the fabrics that work to create a massive palette that we know works. Sure, we might not wear them, but we find it hard for people to make jackets we are offended by.

4. Ask us, we don't bite

We are so happy to answer any questions. Not only that, because we construct the jackets ourselves, made the patterns ourselves and chose the fabrics we use so we know everything back to front and we can help you make the decision that is right for you!

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