House of Billiam
Bespoke Casualwear, Handmade in England


Answers to questions we are often asked.

Q: Can I provide my own fabric?

A: We love to let our customers have their very one unique House of Billiam piece so welcome them to send in fabrics. Most customers like their own special lining of which we need 2 metres of to line a whole jacket. Get in contact if you want to know more! 

Q: Can I return something if it doesn't fit? 

A: If you order a bespoke product we tend not to do full refunds however we will endeavour to make our customers happy by offering alterations and amendments. With our off the peg products we offer 14 days to return something. Outside of this timeframe we do not offer returns or refunds. 

Q: Can I arrange an appointment to visit the studio and see fabrics?


Q: Can I see fabric swatches?





A: We love meeting our customers and are always around to welcome them into our studio. You can book an appointment at the studio here. Alternatively you can contact us for any more information.


A: We are happy to send out pictures or physical samples of our materials if you aren't able to make it in to see us. Just email  requesting whatever fabrics you may want to view.

Q: My product hasn't arrived, what should I do?

A: The best thing to do is to send a quick email to with your order number. You should then be given a tracking code if you don't already have one. We endeavour to do all we can to make sure you get your hands on our products!

Q: I like the product but I would like it adjusting...

A: On all of our bespoke products we are happy to carry out adjustments for free. They are after all our showpiece. With the off the peg products we are happy to alter to suit your needs however these may incur a small charge. 

Q: Where can I get fabric from if I want something you don't have?

A: We source our fabrics from all over England. We'd love for our customers to pick their very own fabrics to have a truly unique piece. The best places to check out are easy to come across on markets, factory outlets and mill shops. One place we would highly recommend is Goldhawk Road in West London. Get in contact for any more information!